Visiting us for the first time?

 As of 10 Aug 2021, all climbers must be FULLY VACCINATED (2 weeks after 2nd dose) or FULLY RECOVERED with VALID PET TEST. Present your vaccination status to the staff upon entry to the gym. Any non-compliance to Safety Management Measures will be denied entry.

Simply follow the steps below and you’re all set!

Everything you need to know here.

  2. Payment for ONE-TIME REGISTRATION & ENTRY PASS (Payment must be made within 30mins of making your booking)
  3. Fill in WAIVER FORM online!
  4. CLIMB ON!


    • ONE slot per climber per day
    • TWO hours per slot
    • Maximum capacity 12pax
    • Booking slots are open for booking 3 days ahead at 12PM. (Eg. bookings for Saturday will open on Wed 12PM)
    • For Sharing of Multi-Passes, indicate on Picktime the name of the Pass Holder.
    • Cancellations must be made 12hrs prior to your booking slot.
    • NO last minute cancellations, your passes (or your friends' passes, if you are sharing) will be forfeited. Single-entry passes will not be refunded.
    • NO extension to climbing time slot. Please leave on time to make way for climbers in the next slot.
    • Completion of details and photos for registration is mandatory. Persons with incomplete submissions will not be allowed entry to the gym.


    • SafeEntry Check-in/out
    • Temperature screening (37.5° & above will be denied entry)
    • Mask up at all times - for your own safety and that of others
    • Maintain 2 metres apart when stretching/training
    • Maintain 3 metres apart when climbing on the wall
    • NO sharing of gear (e.g. chalk bag, brush & etc)
    • NO loose chalk. Use ONLY chalk balls or liquid chalk
    • NO mingling/congregating within the gym

    *Entry will be refused for any unwell persons and those without masks.
    *Those who do not abide to the above measures, OYEYO reserves the right to refuse your entry to gym immediately.


    • Recommended age, 6 years old and above
    • Kids below the ages of 12 do not need to be fully vaccinated but will need a fully vaccinated adult to accompany them.
    • Kids aged 6 years to 12 years old are required to be under adult (parent/guardian) supervision – with a ratio of 1 adult : 1 kids
    • Accompanying adult will need to make entry payment as well even if not climbing. This is due to the current maximum capacity restriction.
    • No coach/guide available for per entry slots. If you are keen, you can find out more about our classes here

    With that said,  


    1. Any bookings made without purchasing an entry fee/multi-pass and registration fee will be forfeited without prior notification.
    2. Bookings must be made with your own name, phone number and email address unless you are booking for your child. Double bookings will be immediately forfeited.