First Visit

As of 10 Aug 2021, all climbers must be FULLY VACCINATED (2 weeks after 2nd dose) or FULLY RECOVERED with VALID PET TEST. Present your vaccination status to the staff upon entry to the gym. Any non-compliance to Safety Management Measures will be denied entry.

We are implementing a booking system with capacity limitations due to the current COVID regulations. Please make a booking to guarantee a slot for your first climb with us.

Below are the steps that you need to complete before coming down to climb. We aim to smoothen your registration flow when you visit our gym.

Visiting OYEYO BOULDER HOME for the first time? Simply follow the steps below and you’re all set!

  1. BOOK YOUR SLOTS! (For sharing of Multi-Passes, please refer to the T&Cs when making your purchase)
  2. Make online payment for your ONE-TIME REGISTRATION & ENTRY PASS (Your booking will be released if payment is not received within an hour)
  3. Fill up your WAIVER FORM online.
  4. Climb On!


    1. Bookings made without purchasing an entry pass/multi-pass and registration fee will be immediately released.
    2. Bookings must be made with your own name, phone number and email address unless you are booking for your kids. Double bookings will be immediately released.
    3. Completion of details and photos for registration is mandatory. Persons with incomplete submissions will not be allowed entry to the gym.


    • Training room equipped with dumb bells, hang boards, more hang boards and an endurance wall if you're feeling up to it!
    • Main climbing area with over 150 routes varying from 5B to 7b grades!
    • Shower, changing rooms and toilet facilities!
    • Lockers, you can ask for a padlock with a deposit of $2 at the counter or you can bring your own!
    • Rental shoes are $5 a pair. If it's your first time climbing with us, IT'S ON US!


    "Climbing is a risky sport. But like any other sport, it can be safe ONLY if you make it safe. Even though there are safety precautions put in place by gyms to protect you, safety should always be a climbers top priority. When bouldering it is important to be aware of your surroundings especially on those big moves. But fret not, upon your arrival to the gym you will be given a safety and gym orientation briefing. Our staff will also be on hand to ensure that everyone has a pleasant and safe climbing experience."

    • The floor is protected with big crashpads to cushion you from your falls.
    • First-aid Medkits are available so just approach us at the counter if you catch a flapper!
    • Ice packs are also available if you need it!