Suitable for folks who are new to climbing and want to find out more, this is the best way to start off! 

Intro to Bouldering is a 1 hour session that you can try out on your own or with a group of friends! Recommended for climbers with little to no experience bouldering, our coaches will teach you the different types of holds, how to hold them and basic techniques that would otherwise take you a while to figure out. 


Pricing and Time:
$45/pax for a duration of an hour


  • Group of max 5
  • Gym entry fee and rental shoes are included
  • A positive attitude & a great smile!

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    Want to refine your techniques & movements and maximise your potential? A customised one-to-one programme to work on improving your climbs! 

    A more flexible coaching session that caters to every individual differently. Why? Well, because everyone climbs differently. Our coaches are adept at looking out for your weakness and further solidifying your strengths so that you will be able to climb better than before. 

    This is a 4 session programme designed to tackle your immediate weakness through consistent training and practice.


    You’ve been climbing for a bit but feel like you’re stuck in a rut or not sure where to go after the Fundamentals Class? No problem, the advanced class will bring you to the next height of climbing!

    Recommended for climbers with some experience climbing 6As and 6Bs but unsure of what their next step should be. We provide a 4 session programme that focuses on being as efficient as you can on the wall.

    Each programme is specific to the individual and works to improve an aspect that you feel is lacking in your climbing.

    Pricing and Time :
    $70/pax for 1.5 hours.
    $60/pax if you sign up for 4 sessions at one go.

    *Limited to 1 Instructor : 2 Climbers

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    Not sure if your child will enjoy climbing or you just want to try try? No problems! 

    A one off session for your child to experience bouldering for the very first time. We will show you basics on safety and climbing plus focus on exploring the many different parts of climbing!


    For Kids aged 4 to 12 years old. A customised 4-session programme that aims to guide your child through the basics of climbing in a fun & quirky way! 

    A 4 session focused on gaining confidence on the wall through fun and interactive ways that’s easy to understand. Our coaches will be teaching them how to fall, what to look out for when on the wall and which parts of the body to pay attention to when on the wall.


    Generally for kids aged 6 and above. Recommended for children who have some experience or a natural affinity towards climbing!

    In this 4 session programme, there will be a stronger focus on climbing techniques such as bringing the hips in and climbing with as much efficiency as possible on the wall. 


    Pricing and Time:
    $70/pax for 1.5 hour taster session.
    $60/pax if you sign up for 4 sessions at one go.

    *Limited to 1 Instructor : 2 Climber


    • 4-12 years old
    • No previous climbing experience required
    • Gym entry fee and rental shoes are included 

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    Bookings must be made at least 7 days in advance so we can reserve the slot for you.

    You can call in to us at 6996 2095 or drop us an email at for enquiries.