Covid Updates

With effect from 26th April 2022, no more restrictions! Come climb whenever and with as many people as you want!

Requirements for Booking

  1. All climbers need to be fully vaccinated to be allowed entry into the gym.
  2. Kids below the ages of 12 do not need to be fully vaccinated but will need a fully vaccinated adult to accompany them.
  3. Payment must be made an hour after booking before it is confirmed.

Booking System

Our booking system will remain the same with Picktime. Slots will be opened at 12pm one week in advance (eg. Monday, 21st March slots will be open on Monday, 14th March) Further information about bookings can be found here.


For adults accompanying children below the ages of 12, you will have to make a booking and make payment for entry to be able to stay within the gym premises.


Check-in via the TraceTogether App will be required upon check-in. OYEYO reserves the right to deny entry to persons without a valid entry.

If you have been in contact with suspected person/clusters or are feeling unwell, please do try to stay at home.

Changes in Group Sizes

  1. The maximum capacity in the gym will be reduced to 16 Pax per session. 
  2. Strictly no intermingling between groups.
  3. Group size to be no more than 5 Pax. 
  4. Climbers are to stay within the boxes marked out when not climbing to maintain social distance.

Try to minimise time spent in the gym by coming prepared with all the necessary gear and left promptly to facilitate a smooth transition between sessions.

Cleaning Frequencies

We will be upping our cleaning standards to ensure everyone has a pleasant climb.

  1. Deep wall cleaning to be done every alternate day during off-peak/closing hours. (includes doors, benches, counters, toilets and sinks)


Due to the current restrictions in capacity, we can only allow classes to happen during our off-peak hours which are 10am - 4pm on the weekdays and 8am - 4pm on the weekends.

  1. Classes will be limited to max of 5 pax inclusive of instructor.
  2. Children below the ages of 12 will be limited to 1-to-1 sessions only.
  3. We will start on time, so do try to come 5-10mins earlier for your check-in. There will be no extensions to your climb time.
  4. Non-participants or parents will have to wait outside if you are not signed up for the classes.

We sincerely appreciate your patience, understanding and support during these trying times. Stay strong, climb hard!

Updated on 19/3/2022

Mandatory measures to adhere to in OYEYO!

  • SafeEntry Check-in/out
  • Limited capacity of 16 Pax
  • 3 hours per session
  • Mask up at all times - for your own safety and that of others
  • NO loose chalk. Use ONLY chalk balls or liquid chalk
  • NO mingling/congregating within the gym

*Entry will be refused for any unwell persons and those without their mask.
*Those who do not abide the above measures, OYEYO reserves the right to ask you to leave the gym immediately.


Please note that your time slots are fixed so do come earlier to ensure a smooth check-in process. For climbers leaving the gym, please do so on time so as to ensure proper transition to the next session.